Transfers to Kyrgyzstan

Send money to and receive transfers from Optima Bank cards quickly and easily!

Transfers to Kyrgyzstan

How to send?

Send SMS to 2424 (if you have a subscription to SMS banking)


TRANS XXXX 123456123456 50000 KZT

123456123456 – 16-digit card number of the payee
50000 – amount in tenge (up to 150,000 tenge)
KZT – currency code

All words must be separated by space.

Via ATF24 Internet banking

1. Open the app or go to website
2. Find “Transfers”
3. Choose “To card of any bank”
4. Enter card number of the payee and amount
5. Confirm data

Transfer has been sent!

Via ATFBank’s ATM network

How to order a card and become our Client?

Register online or in App, order a free card and our courier will deliver it within 5 days. You will be able to pay for any kind of services, make transfers, open deposits and make loans online without visiting the branch.

How to order a card and become our Client?