Worldwide transfers in any currency


What do you need for transfer?

Details of a recipient:
-full name
-account number
-city and country
-name and SWIFT code of the bank

If the transfer is in rubles, you will also need:
-BIC and correspondent account of the bank
-code of FX transaction “ВО”.

Your identification document

Why do you choose SWIFT in ATFBank JSC?

  • Transfers without boundaries

    To any country, in any currency, for any amount
  • Low fees

    Compared to other large transfers
  • Convenient

    Sending right from the current account to a legal entity or individual
  • Safe

    SWIFT code guarantees absolute confidentiality

How to order a card and become our Client?

Register online or in App, order a free card and our courier will deliver it within 5 days. You will be able to pay for any kind of services, make transfers, open deposits and make loans online without visiting the branch.

How to order a card and become our Client?