Pay for cellular communications, Internet, TV, utilities, repay your loans in a convenient way


Over 3000 suppliers

Tuition, utilities, cellular, landline services, contributions to investment and pension funds, long-distance and international communications, payments for cable TV and Internet services, tax payments and more



Cash back is paid once at the beginning of the following month.
For example, the cashback for August will be paid on September 01.
Basic cashback: 1.5% (for non-cash transactions).
Additional cashback: + 1.5% subject to a daily deposit balance of at least 500,000 tenge during the previous month.


No commission

All payments are commission-free except for online casinos and computer games.



Choose a payment method that is convenient for you:
ATF24 Internet banking, ATFBank ATMs, payment terminals or ATFBank branches

How to order a card and become our Client?

Register online or in App, order a free card and our courier will deliver it within 5 days. You will be able to pay for any kind of services, make transfers, open deposits and make loans online without visiting the branch.

How to order a card and become our Client?