Vertical card #1: changes in the conditions for payment of monthly cashback

Dear Clients,

we have changes related to vertical card # 1, which we need to tell you about to keep you informed about the current conditions of the card.

From September 04, 2020, the minimum monthly cashback will be 500 tenge. In other words, if the cashback accumulated in a month is less than this amount, then it is not payable and is not carried over to the next month. You can always find everything about cashback payment on vertical card # 1 in our Cashback Payment Memo.

At the same time, we have a few tips that will be useful for you to save and even increase your monthly cashback. You know them, but we'd better remind you. So:

  • use cashless payment with your #1 card as often as possible, and then 1.5% of each purchase will be returned to you at the end of the month (taking into account the accumulated cashback of at least 500 tenge.)
  • open a deposit in ATFBank and keep at least 500 thousand tenge on it. So the percentage of the cashback will double amount to 3%,
  • leave at least 400 thousand tenge on your card during the whole month to get another 1.5%
  • open a Mastercard Black Edition to add 0.5% 

And now you have an increased cashback of 5%!

Want more? Then don't miss our cashback marathon to get back up to 20% of your purchases on #1 vertical card!