How to get 42,500 tenge from the State Social Insurance Fund in ATFBank JSC

Kazakhstan citizens who have lost their permanent income due to state of emergency will be able to receive compensation from the state in the amount of 42,5 thousand tenge from the State Social Insurance Fund (SSIF). Social assistance is available not only for citizens who have lost their jobs, but also those who have been sent on leave without pay, as well as self-employed people. The detailed procedure for paying this benefit (to whom? when? how often?) is determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.
And what do you need to know in order to get social benefits in ATFBank - useful answers to your most expected questions:

1. How to get social payment due to loss of income during the state of emergency through ATFBank?
To apply for a benefit you need to submit an application via or and fill in a form that requires you to specify full name, IIN and 20-digit number (IBAN) of any tenge account in ATFBank.
This can be an account of your current card, or you can open a special account in ATFBank, which has its advantages for receiving social payments.

2. How do I know my account number/IBAN?
If you have an account or card with ATFBank, you can find out your 20-digit account number (IBAN) in two simple ways: 
1. See it in ATF24:
- for a card – in the Section “About the card”, then in the “Information and details” subsection
- for an account – in the Section “Products”, then in “Accounts” and “Details” subsections.
2. By SMS:
- send an SMS to 2424 with the text in Latin “IBAN ХХХХ” , where ХХХХ – the last 4 digits of your payment card. Your account number will be in the text message.
You can also get information about your account number in ATFBank branches.

3. What is a special current account?
A special current account is opened with the Bank for receiving state social benefits and social payments. It can only be used for these purposes.
We recommend using it to receive social benefits, because in this case, the payment charged on it will be protected from collection by third parties, such as banks, tax services, private court bailiffs, etc. In this case, no fees are charged from these accounts by the Bank. 

4. How to open a special account in ATFBank?
You can open a special account at any branch of ATFBank. For this purpose you need only ID card in original. At the same time, you can also use your card account to receive the payment, and the vertical card #1 of ATFBank can be easily ordered online and with free delivery to your home.
Applications are made through ATF24 online banking or the bank's website without visiting the branch. Payments and transfers without fees, cash back in real money up to 20% under the special April campaign, as well as other benefits of the card will be exactly what you need after the emergency.

5. When and how can I withdraw the received benefit?
It is easy to check receipts to any accounts in ATF24. If you have activated the SMS-informing service on a card and/or accounts, you will receive a message when crediting funds.
In a couple of clicks in ATF24 application money from a special account can be transferred to your vertical card. When cashing up to 300 thousand tenge from the Card # 1, the fee is not charged. Withdrawal is also available at bank branches.

6. Can a social payment be written off against a loan or other obligations?
A social payment cannot be written off against taxes, loans or other obligations, as it has a special state purpose.  In a special account, the amount received on payment will be "protected" from any penalties.
If a non-special account has been used and the payment has been blocked due to your existing debt, to cancel these restrictions (in the amount of the payment received), please inform us by writing to We will try to help you!

There are still questions - ATFBank's team is in touch with social networks on Facebook and Instagram, messengers, as well as at the contact center - 2424.