Update on consideration of claims regarding card disputes of ATFBank JSC

Hereby ATFBank JSC (the Bank) kindly informs that after submission of an application of card transaction dispute, the Client is entitled to receive an intermediate response in a written/oral form after each stage of dispute procedure with confirming documents, if any. If the Client declines the documents provided, the Bank after obtaining the Client’s consent, shall initiate next dispute procedure within the dispute cycle.

Pre-Arbitration is the last stage in the dispute cycle.

According to paragraph 35.14.2 of General conditions of granting banking and other services to individuals, the Bank shall not be responsible for:
1. refusal by the third persons to service the card;
2. quality of goods, works and services purchased/paid with the use of the card or its details;
3. consequences of untimely address of the Client or holder of additional card to the Bank with request to block lost/stolen card or in case of unauthorized access to card accounts.

Please be vigilant upon using the Bank's payment cards.

Best regards, ATFBank JSC