Contactless fight with Samsung Galaxy as a gift!

Dear Clients!

ATFBank has an unusual venture to offer – contactless fight with Samsung Galaxy as a gift!

Sounds interesting? Take part in the promo and pay for services or do your shopping with any Visa and/or MasterCard card of ATFBank using Samsung Pay.

So, you can become a “Contactless Fight Apprentice” or “Contactless Fight Master”. You make the difference!
To complete the first level, you need to observe several conditions, as the Contactless Fight Apprentice is the one:
- who makes each purchase in the amount of at least 1,000 tenge,
- whose total amount of all his 50 transactions exceeds 250,000 tenge.

The Galaxy A20S smartphone will be rewarded for the first ten of the most active and fastest promo participants from among the “apprentices”.

The next level will require more effort, as the total amount required for the “Master” status, under the same conditions and the same number of transactions, is 600,000 tenge. But the top prize is worth it – the Galaxy Note10 smartphone will be awarded to the participant who fulfills the terms of the promo first.

- important note for holders and users of more than one ATFBank card: under the promo, transactions on different cards are not summarized, each card provides for a separate calculation.
- transactions on making payments to mobile providers, bookmakers and other similar service providers do not participate in the campaign.

Promo event results will be on September 14.