ATF24 Mobile Banking upgrade


On November 25, 2019, ATFBank launched a new version of Internet banking for remote banking services to individuals. The new version of ATF24 is about “smart” technologies, UX/UI-design, operations in a couple of clicks, as well as about cats and ways of getting an increased cashback of up to 6% in real money.

Today Internet banking and mobile applications are perceived as part of everyday life. This service is no longer supplementary - its convenience and functionality are strictly assessed by Clients and often predetermine the bank choice.

“To meet the expectations of our Clients as accurately as possible, as well as to release a decent product with a minimum number of bugs, the start was preceded by an open beta version of ATF24. The application was available to bank employees and clients who responded to the invitation to participate in the testing. The team and I monitored the Client’s behavior and their feedback. As a result, our Clients helped us make a positive decision in one of the controversial moments - whether or not to manage frequent payments and transfers”, - comments Dmitry Privalov, ATF24 project manager.

When developing the new version of the service, the interface was completely updated, special attention was paid to functionality, simplicity and convenience for clients. So, now ATF24 will be personalized for each client and all necessary operations will be available in 1-2 clicks.

In addition, mobile banking is now much friendlier, thanks to the animated assistant - Barsik, whom the developers "put" in ATF24. His task is to keep the client informed about all the operations performed and make communication with the bank less formal and more emotionally comfortable. Now, instead of the official "your transfer is completed" window, Barsik flying in the clouds, will inform you that "your money is on its way".

Online banking has other advantages as well. Among them is the replacement of sms with push-up notifications - there is no need in a mobile operator in communication between the bank and the client. This will be appreciated by Clients who regularly travel outside the country, but do not need roaming services. Intuitive navigation and new interface in the best UX/UI design solutions will not give users a chance to "get lost".

The ATF24 development team is constantly studying the user experience of various applications, both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Thus, they have taken into account the successful solutions, which ended up in the "Product backlog".

In support of the updated service the bank offered the opportunity for the owners of the vertical card #1 and all new ATF24 users in the multi-level system of charging cashbacks on the card to increase their interest rates up to 6%. Full information about the conditions of the promotion is already available on the website and official pages of ATFBank in social networks.

According to Dmitry Privalov, "in the future the functionality will be constantly expanding. For example, by the end of this year payment by QR code will appear. And next year, users will find many interesting new features, some of which will be unique for Kazakhstan in general. The priority in any innovation is simplicity and convenience for users".

The new version of ATFBank's Internet banking still offers all the basic functions that allow Clients to perform necessary transactions independently at any time of the day, pay for purchases using ATFPay for Android and Apple Pay, as well as other banking services.

At present, the number of ATF24 registered users exceeds 400 thousand people. For Clients who have previously used the system, access remains under the same login and password. The application can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Market


ATFBank JSC (hereinafter - the "Bank") is one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan by assets. The Bank's main shareholder with a 99.76% stake is KNG Finance LLP. 20-year history and rich experience of cooperation with both Kazakhstani and foreign structures allowed the Bank to establish itself as a reputable player in the market of banking services.

The Bank develops a universal profile and provides a full range of banking services: to corporate clients; retail clients; small and medium businesses; Private Banking clients. The Bank has 17 branches in all regional centers of Kazakhstan and a wide network of branches and ATMs.