Promo: beneficial cash-back for business clients of ATFBank!

Dear clients, now it’s time to get cash-back for non-cash transactions! 

The Bank has initiated a super promo for you only! 

The conditions will definitely please you, because they are really profitable! 

It is because the Bank is ready to accrue cash-back for all non-cash credit and debit transactions including obligatory payments to the budget, health-care contributions, payroll payment to employees and other real payments and transfers. 

State-owned holdings and entities, quasi-state entities and entities where the state holds over 51% can participate in the promo. 

To participate in the promo you need: 

  • to have a current account with the Bank and be connected to MultiPro+ tariff package,
  • to enter into an agreement with the bank on participation in the cash-back program; 
  • to keep average daily balance on the account of at least KZT 1,000,000.

The promo has begun and will last till the year end! Join and get cash-back from ATFBank!. 

Learn more details on the promo by contacting us on 2424. Calls are free-of-charge you’re your mobile phone! 

*the clients who do not participate in other bonus programs of the bank including discounts for cash and settlement services in the Bank can participate in the promo.