Money transfers

Fast and convenient money transfers in any currency!

Money transfers

Transfers in tenge / foreign currency:

- Crediting to current accounts;
- Crediting to the client’s account in another bank;
- Crediting revenue in foreign currency to the account;
- Transfer of salaries to employees;
- International transfers inn foreign currency;
- Transfers to pay for goods and services;
- Execution of payment orders of clients;
- Payment to the budget, pension and social contributions.


Applies to all expense transactions on a bank account – both in cash and non-cash. Authorization for amounts over 23 mln. tenge (USD 200 thousand in equivalent for accounts in foreign currency) is performed using a code word.


Direct debit of bank account

To pay regular services and goods of regular suppliers. At your request, the Bank makes a payment / transfer within a certain time (daily, weekly, monthly). Convenient for paying rent, utilities or communications.



And then there is also…

- free accelerated payments between company units and partners having an account with ATFBank JSC (intra-bank payments)
- Low rates for payments with a future value date
- Online banking
- Log-term payment orders for payment documents with reports on performed operations

When transferring money in foreign currency it is necessary to fill in the respective application form


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ATFBusiness – Time to run business through a mobile phone