Bank accounts

Current, in transit and limited mode, escrow account

Bank accounts



Current account

Your benefits:
- Storage of non-cash money
- Account management in different modes
- Currency: KZT, USD, EUR, CNY, RUB
- Transfers in account currency
- Conversion at the Bank rate
- Contributions and cash withdrawals
- SMS notifications about money flow and account blocking


Accounts in a transit mode

To collect revenue on the account of the Head Company from branches in other cities.

Your benefits:
- Centralized account management
- Remote money flow control
- No personal presence
- Collection services


Account in a limited mode

To control the volume and type of banking transactions performed by your regional branches and subsidiaries within the established budget.

Your benefits:
- Flexibility of limits and restrictions on transactions
- Individual control modes
- Direct debit
- Authorization of large amounts


Escrow account

To ensure that your counterparty fulfills his obligations under the Agreement. Money on the account is blocked until the other party fulfills all conditions.

Your benefits:
- Control and maintenance through the regional network
- Irreducible balance
- Reasonable and timely payment from the account
- Reducing commercial risks
- Increased probability of successful completion of the transaction


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ATFBusiness – Time to run business through a mobile phone

User-friendly interface, remote IE account opening, payments and transfers, payment of taxes and payments to the budget, intra-bank transfers between payment cards and IE accounts, viewing the balance, account statements, references and details, blocking/unblocking of the card and much more

ATFBusiness – Time to run business through a mobile phone